Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rehman Malik offloaded from PIA Flight

Both, the traditional and Social Media in Pakistan and India is abuzz by the news of Former Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik who was off loaded from Pakistan International Airline Flight after being accused of causing a delay of 2 and a half hour. Say what you will about encouraging the mob mentality here, or choose to be standing on either side of the blame game, or question the intentions of the Show Runners of D Chawk Dharna, I strongly fear, this is not going to stop by blaming the 'Aam Aadmi' of Pakistan. I am observing a lot of negativity, mockery and ridicule on Social Media for the guts of this 'Aam Admi', who in his/her blind pursuit of leadership, has turned the D Chawk into "Jallo Zai Camp". I wonder why the supposedly 'Parha Likha Tabqa' is so ferociously after the guts of the very class, it claims to be enlightening for a 'Roshan' and better Pakistan. We may not like it. We may feel embarrassed by the washing adventures of this 'Aam Admi' in the carefully manicured lawns of the Supreme Court, but from what can be seen, we'll have to acknowledge the fact that this 'Aam Aadmi' is no more in a mood to accept or tolerate the treatment he/she is given because he/she is not remotely related to a somewhat ruling elite. He is much more aware of his rights now than he was about 10 years ago. He is angry and it shows. In fact , If I am allowed to suggest, the media should take pride and accept the ownership of this elation journey of Pakistani Junta, as it is the very fruit of democracy and free media, we claim to be selling in our respective countries and professional fields.

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